Dyst Issue 6#

One of my short stories “The Hunter of Kraxis” is now available through the publication Dyst Issue #6. 50% of revenue from this publisher goes to support refugees. Please purchase here: https://dystjournal.net/

“A class struggle played out on a desolate world where Cerryn (Serren) must decide whether to reclaim her chivalry in the eyes of the aristocracy or uphold her personal sense of honour and change the galaxy forever”.

My first novel is now coming in 2022

Machete Girl, The Proxy War

The highly anticipated series by Sara Elizabeth Joyce set in a future of political upheaval and rampant technological change.

Chloe is a trillionaire hacker in the future who cares little for the deteriorating political situation around the world until she comes face to face with the nuclear destruction of Juliaca Mega City. Relocating to Tokyo for her own safety as the proxy was begins in Peru, she uses her inherited nanomite technology to project herself onto the battlefield, helping a group of mercenaries bring an end to the virtual wars and expose which governments are manipulating the system.