Props Maker / Set Builder / Mould Maker

Sara Joyce


Relevant Credits

Props Master/ Standby Props – Sister Darkness – Dir – Alex Proyas

  • Building various props and small set pieces to match VFX requirements

Carpenter – Pacific Rim 2 – Dir – Steven S. DeKnight

  • Command Centre, Helicopter Interior, Corridors, Kaiju and Robot Parts, Various other set pieces

Mould Maker – Alien Covenant – Ridley Scott

  • Giant Trees, Computer console rounds, corners and sci rounds, large alien corridors, some small props and pieces for sets. Mostly working with Silicone and Fiberglass for the Plaster Department

Props Master – Airlock – Dir – Mark Furmie

  • Grenades, Set pieces, Guns, airlock control pieces, alien silicone claws, various other set work.

Costume Props – Gods of Egypt – Dir – Alex Proyas

  • 75 Scorpion Soldier helmets, moulding and sanding. Lots of sanding.

Props/ Set builder – Machete Girl, The Hacker Chronicles – Dir – Sara Joyce

  • All sets and props for 5 locations. Guns, alien pod, control devices, costume pieces.

Props/ Awards – Nickelodeon Awards

  • Moulding and sanding the awards to perfection.

Various other Projects through Bloodhound FX

  • Several feature and shorts films as well as many unusual jobs, basically where i learn to cut my teeth prop making.
Sara at the Alien Covenant Cast and Crew Screening

Sara Joyce

Sara has worked in Props and Set Building since 2012. Coming from a producing background Sara discovered Props and set building in her late 30’s and has a passion for building set for Sci-fi and genre films.

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Basic Gear List

  • 4WD
  • Drop Saw
  • AEG Brushless Drill
  • AEG Brushless Impact Driver
  • Table Saw
  • Jigsaw
  • Various other carpentry/ Moulding and sculpting tools
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